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Week 1

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Week 1 Summary -- if you missed Week 1, couldn't keep up with the emails, postings, etc, or, like I did, just forgot some of the great information that's been posted, you can find a summary here.


Week 1

January 13 - 19, 2014

During the first week  we will Introduce some of the main communication web tools including discussion groups and wiki sites.  We will be using: Yahoo Group Wonderful Words to interact,PBworks for document information, and SurveyMonkey.com for surveys.


You will create a personal introduction to share with others during the following week and share your expectations for the session and your experience teaching vocabulary.


Introductions by Brenda Binkley, Anne Hernandez and Jennie Farnell.  


By the end of Week 1, you will have:

  • Created a Yahoo email address

  • Joined Wonderful Words Yahoo Group

  • Introduced yourself to the group

  • Completed a survey about the session

  • Created a PBworks account

  • In PBWorks, posted your comments to the two discussion questions
  • Replied to at least one of your fellow participants' discussion postings  
  • Participated in or listened to the WizIQ introductory session on Saturday, January 18th at 2:00 PM GMT


How to Survive  


Activities for Week 1

  • You will need to join Wonderful Words Yahoo Group and create a PBworks account.

  • Introduce yourself on our Wonderful Words Yahoo Group

    • Please write a 100 word or less introduction.  

    • Use your name as the subject heading

    • Please include: 3-2-1:
      things about yourself (e.g., where you are from, how you became involved in education, whether you have chidren, pets,....)
      reasons why you  want to participate in an EVO session,
      1 thing that you love to do (other than teaching).

  • Also, please add an introduction (copy and paste from Yahoo Group is fine!) and picture to the Wonderful Words Participant Wiki

                          (you will have to create a pbworks account in order to join the participants' wiki - just follow the instructions when you click on the link) 

  • Just for fun: Add yourself to the participant map here. If you need help with how to do it, directions are here

  • Take a brief survey in Survey Monkey. 

  • Post a comment on Week 1 Questions for each of the questions below.

    • What do you hope to learn from this session?

    • What problems or challenges do you face when teaching vocabulary?
  • Repy to at least one other participant's introduction and/or discussion posting (and more, if you have time! :-) ) 
  • Join us for Week 1 WizIQ introductory session (If you missed the session, use the link to the recording after January 19th.  The documents and chat notes are now available on that page.) 

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