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Week 3

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Week 3

January 26 - February 2, 2014

During Week 3, you’ll begin to interweave the research we discussed last week with various web sites you can use to create your own vocabulary tools. Our focus this week will be on tools which are already created; that is, sites that you can use with your students for focused vocabulary practice but where you don’t have to create your own vocabulary activities.

Brenda will be focusing on websites that may be considered more adult, while Jennie will be looking at websites that can be used with younger learners. However, many of the websites can be used with learners of any age, so there will be some cross over.


Please look at the PDF for a summary of Week 2's questions, comments, and discussions. 

(For a list of only the websites mentioned during Week 2, see websites to review .)

Week 2 Summary.pdf



By the end of week 3, you will have:

  • Read selected articles and infographics 

  • Posted your comments to two discussion questions on Week 3 Questions

  • Reviewed a website either on your own or in collaboration with other participants (Collaboration tool examples:  Google Docs and PBWorks)

  • Posted your collaborative summary on PBWorks Wonderful Words Participants

  • Explored Week 4 Webtools and selected one tool you’d like to use to create a vocabulary project
  • Participated in or listened to the  WizIQ follow-up session on Saturday, February 1st at 2:00 PM GMT



Activities for Week 3

  • Read the article summary of "Teaching Expository Text Structures", Montelongo, Jose, Lola Berber-Jimenez, Anita C. Hernandez, and David Hosking.
  • Read "10 Principles for Effective Vocabulary Instruction"
  • Share your thought on the following questions on Week 3 Questions

    • What in the readings gave you food for thought, and why?

    • How could you use / adapt some of the online activities you found in a classroom without computer access?

  • Decide if you will work individually or collaboratively to review a website (websites to review), If you choose to collaborate:
    • Contact your fellow group members and decide how you are going to share responsibilities for the website evaluation

    • Ideas for areas to evaluate  Website Evaluation.docx  (This is document to help you with your website evaluation.)
    • Decide as a group how you will present your website review findings (a written summary? A chart form? A powerpoint presentation? A screencast? It’s completely up to you as a group to decide which format works best for you.)

  • Create a wiki with your website reviews Making a pbworks space or add your evaluations to the Participants Website Evaluation page

  • Explore the vocabulary webtools for Week 4

  • Select a website tool you’d like to use to create a personalized vocabulary project in Week 4
  • Participated in or listened to the  WizIQ follow-up session on Saturday, February 1st at 2:00 PM GMT. (check your time here)


Moderators: Brenda/Jennie

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