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WizIQ Week 3

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February 1st, we had our second web session.  The recording will be available after February 2nd. 


The below WIZ IQ LINK for the February 1st recording will work after February 2nd.




From Anne H:

I want to thank all that could attend the WizIQ session today.  The recording will be available February 2nd if you want to listen in.  However, if time is short, here is a brief summary of that session:

1.  We reviewed what we did during the past two weeks.

  • There is a summary of Week 2's discussion on Week 3.
  • Week 3's websites to evaluate has some of the websites mentioned during week 2 plus a link to the other websites. (Yes, you may edit the page and add more websites.)
  • I just noticed that there were two pages to the websites to review.  The best one is this:  http://wonderfulwordsweek1.pbworks.com/w/page/71048191/Websites%20for%20Review%20--%20Week%203
  • If you were having trouble, please use the website link above.  I believe that the page errors have been resolved.

2.  We discussed upcoming assignment along with how to create a page in PBWorks.  

  • The class has a walk through on that. If you would like me to I can post the steps.
  • There is a link on VocabularyMatters that says "How to create your own wiki."  This takes you through the steps.  


IF you have questions, please let us know. 


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