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Week 4

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Week 4

February 3 - 9, 2014

The focus this week will be on website as tools; that is, websites which you or your students can use to create your own focused vocabulary projects. It will involved identifying your class’ or your students’ vocabulary needs and then designing a project which will focus on those sets of words. Most of the tools we look at can be used either by the teacher solely, to create activities for his/her class, or by your own students, to put responsibility for vocabulary acquisition into their own hands.


Week 3 Summary of comments with website evaluations.  Click to open.


Summary Week 4.docx

Summary Week 4.pdf

Week 4 Summary of Participants' Website Recommendations.docx

Summary Week 4.pdf

If you do not have access to MS Word or a viewer for it, below is the link to the PDF version of the file:



By the end of week 4, you will have:

  • Read the identified article or blogs

  • Posted your comments to the three discussion questions on

  • Reviewed the summaries of Week 3 websites and posted feedback Week 4 Questions

  • Designed a vocabulary project using either webtools of your choosing OR a classroom based activity

  • Shared that activity on Wonderful Words Participant Wiki.



Activities for Week 4:

  • Read "Using Technology to Assist in Vocabulary Acquisition and Reading Comprehension" about the the use of technology in vocabulary acquisition

  • Share your thoughts on the following questions on Week 4 Questions

    • What in the reading gave you food for thought and why?

    • Why did you choose your particular web tool to use with your project and what are some of the positives aspects of that tool?

    • What were some difficulties you encountered with your vocabulary project and/or the tool that you chose to use?

  • Read and comment on at least one website review from last week

  • Design a vocabulary project using either webtools of your choosing OR a classroom based activity Week 4 Webtools

  • Share your finished project on Wonderful Words Participant Wiki


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